Celine Whyte, Author

In providing me with trade mark services, Yike also helped me gain a deeper understanding of how to protect my brand.  Yike was patient and provided me with valuable and practical advice.  As a result, I am very comfortable with the quality of Yike’s services and am happy to recommend them to everyone.

Michael, Hysoon Australia Pty Ltd

I was most satisfied with Yike's ability to research and discover new evidence to strengthen my case and in her timely creation of legal documentation. I would not hesitate to recommend her to both Chinese and Australian companies who want a professional who will work in their best interests.

Mr Jinsong Huang, Director, Janya Australia Pty Ltd

I have over 20 years’ experience in Chinese international export trade (including to Australia) and own over 30 registered trade marks in China.  Before engaging Yike to provide trade mark services I didn't realise the significance of the differences between the Chinese and Australian registration system.  Yike provided valuable advice for protecting my brand in Australia and worked to meet my time frame without charging additional fees.  I am very satisfied with Yike’s services and recommend them to all businesses.

Mr Fengtao Sun, General Manager, Taian Hysoon Machinery Co Ltd

I have used Yike's Trade Mark services to help me protect my Chinese trade mark in Australia. Yike gave me valuable guidance and helped my company perform some tasks ourselves in order to keep legal costs economical.